ATB X Accelerator Program

Alberta Solar Co-op has recently been welcomed into Alberta Treasury Branch's small business accelerator program (ATB X Accelerator Program). The intensive, 14-week program supports Albertan entrepreneurs from diverse industries, who are in the market validation stage, with curriculum, connections and community. ATB X works with 20 select entrepreneurs at a time by providing mentorship, strategic support, co-working space and access to a network catered to driving local entrepreneurship and innovation to new heights.

The co-op aims to use the program to better understand key components of its business model including its offering, its customers (members and renewable energy project proponents), as well as channels it could best leverage in order to bring member-investors together with viable projects as an investment platform.

The program allows the co-op to access mentorship that helps us identify and navigate the challenges of operating our investment co-operative, which is especially needed in this dynamic environment Alberta is experiencing with renewable energy policy and transition to a greener electricity grid. 

We would like to thank our supporters for being patient as we learn more about Alberta's community energy policy developments, and determine a solid course of action towards offering affordable and socially responsible investments that Albertans can access for their RRSP goals.