Exploring Alberta’s Energy Future

Earlier this month, Alberta Solar Cooperative (ASC) directors attended an Energy Futures Lab workshop in Calgary, which was hosted at TELUS Spark. The attendees of this event were people who identify as innovators and influencers in Alberta’s energy system.

Gerardo Marquez, one of the founding members of ASC, is an Energy Futures Fellow. Gerardo is a champion for community energy and a connector in the Alberta’s energy space.

This highly collaborative workshop which was facilitated by Energy Futures Fellows, engaged all attendees in answering:

“How can Alberta’s leadership position in today’s energy system serve as a platform for transitioning to the energy system that the future requires of us?”

An open space style of session allowed for multiple conversations to be had that addressed diverse topics on Alberta’s energy system — from energy for transportation through to training (and re-training) of workers in our energy sector and in a lower carbon economy. Seth Leon and Colin Rioux of ASC were invited to attend, contribute, and learn from those conversations.

In answering the above question posed by Energy Futures Lab, ASC believes that accelerating our energy economy towards a lower carbon system can strengthen Alberta’s energy leadership position. We believe a new energy economy can only be achieved through collaboration. This is why EFL is exploring what that energy system of the future looks like for Alberta. EFL is currently made up of Fellows from diverse backgrounds who work in all areas of the energy industry; be it in think tanks, co-operatives, or large oil companies.

Our co-op is also formed on the principles of co-operation and collaboration. We are excited to participate in workshops and discussions that help us understand how we can provide Albertans with opportunities to participate in the creation of Alberta’s future energy system.

We are working hard to develop an investment platform where any Albertan can invest in RRSP and TFSA eligible renewable energy and efficiency opportunities as well as benefit from those returns.

We welcome discussions with communities, municipalities, agencies, energy developers, and any innovator and influencer that wants to collaborate with us to bring these energy opportunities to Albertans.

Let’s leverage our existing energy leadership and start positioning Alberta as an energy leader for the future.

Seth and Gerardo in the bottom right of the frame at TELUS Spark

Seth and Gerardo in the bottom right of the frame at TELUS Spark